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About us

Aaron was raised on this farm by his Grandparents and like the many before him continued on the family tradition of dairy farming. A few years ago after lots of research he decided to adopt a plant based diet for his health. I (Sarah) met Aaron in 2015 and I too, was passionate about health (although was not eating a plant based diet). After a month or so of dating Aaron and eating his delicious food I started to do some research of my own and put plant based eating to the test. My health and fitness improved immensely and I have never looked back! 

However, there was still one problem, our income was coming from something we no longer believed was a healthy product (dairy) as well as the heart ache of having to say goodbye to our animals as part of this industry. And it is no secret that dairy farming has a huge impact on the environment!

We wanted to do something that ticks all the boxes a healthy product, no need to exploit animals and environmentally sustainable. Hemp ticks all those boxes and is a plant that we are both extremely passionate about.

Whilst we are still in our transition from dairy our goal is to be completely farm to plate. The birth of our daughter in 2018 has made us even more determined to turn the farm into something more sustainable for future generations. 

As Mahatma Gandhi said “be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our journey so far!
Much love Aaron, Sarah & Gracie ✌️🌱